Online dating can help

Online dating can help

My profile on a dating site was half full. I don’t like to tell details about myself, therefore I’m talking about this with girls who are really interested in my personality. I added some photos and others sent personally. I chatted with two girls from different countries and our conversations were inspiring. I had difficulties in my family and these girls provided me with excellent psychological support. I did not think about a serious relationship - I just wanted to talk and there were no thoughts about creating a family. The girls also did not make certain hints, and I was grateful to them for this.

These girls had hobbies, interesting stories from their lives. It distracted me from problems and I felt happy. But then one of them left the site and I was disappointed. The second girl continued to communicate, but it became rare and even boring. I realized that she did not want to just chat without any serious suggestions. I also talked without enthusiasm. But then when she did not answer for several days, I was afraid that I could lose her. We chatted very sincerely and it seemed to me that I had known her for a very long time and very well. I did not think that simple communication could connect people. I needed this communication and it became like a drug for me.

A little later I was sitting in my favorite cafe and saw a pretty girl two tables away from me. I sent a waiter to her and treated her with a glass of wine. She came to me and we started talking. Such a conversation was interesting to me due to the special spontaneity. We exchanged telephones and agreed to go cycling. It was a wonderful day and I was very happy. I stopped writing to a girl on a dating site and blocked my page. I do not know why I did not want to delete it. Maybe I felt something. This girl was different. She was real and she was here. We spent a lot of time together and I did not have free hours to visit the site.

Our communication continues for several months. I decided to invite her to move to me. She did not give an exact answer and it annoyed me. Now I wanted a relationship and did not get a specific answer. Then I decided to talk openly and asked her about it. She replied that she has a family but now they have a difficult period. She does not want to lose her husband, but she is always glad to find new friends. I was upset and decided to stop our communication. I did not want to see her as a friend; I wanted to see her as a bride. Time passed and we stopped talking. I returned to the dating site and decided to write to that girl.

She was glad that I was back and she realized that she really missed me. I realized that too. Our communication was cool even in the virtual world. I offered her a relationship because I was to blame and tried to look for a relationship elsewhere. Maybe I was an egoist but I decided to give it a try. She replied that simple communication is enough for her and she is not ready to give up her life. We discussed this, found all the pros and cons for her relocation. She promised to think and give me an answer in a few days. I did not want to wait; I was tired of doing this. I gave her my address and said that the decision belonged to her. I guessed that this was the end and I was right. Then I saw that she sent me to the black list.

Now I am still alone and decided to devote more time to my work and sport. I don’t want a relationship; maybe I’m not ready to believe other people again. There have been many disappointments in my life, but chatting on a dating site has also become another disappointment for me. It seems to me that dating sites are created for unfortunate people or for those who do not know what they want from a relationship. Maybe I belong to these people too.