Online communication that led to meaningful relations…

Online communication that led to meaningful relations…

Generally, I liked online communication and virtual chats with unknown people, especially girls. That’s why I signed up on various online platforms and used them just for fun. One day I found find-bride and registered my account there as well. Of course, I knew that most of the girls are searching for long-term relations. Nevertheless, I couldn’t believe that such a huge number of pretty girls is looking for something serious.

The story started as usual I chatted with some ladies and tried to find something in common between us. They were all so variable and attentive to all the little details. One thing that shocked me a little bit was ladies’ plans, all of them were mentioning the seriousness of their intentions. At first, I thought that these were just words. However, with time I understood that all the women were seriously oriented. I didn’t know how the site’s organization managed to register such women, but they coped.

I found several cool friends and was rather delighted with my experience on the site. Everything was just perfect. Pretty girls, sincere chats and real emotions. I never lied to them that I was searching for love, because I was looking for online interaction only.

Month after month and I liked this platform more and more. I visited it almost every day. Find-bride isn’t a free resource and I thought that I should delete my account because I had already wasted lots of money there. However, one thing stopped me from this decision. It was Ira. She was my best friend and I needed this kind of communication so badly. So, I talked with her about my decision and she wasn’t ready for this. In short, we came to an agreement that one real date will be okay for us as good friends. And I flew to Ukraine for our first meeting.

I had really strange emotions when I saw her. I expected to see an old friend, but met charming young lady that desperately wanted relations with me. We spent a fantastic evening together and I fell in love. I wasn’t prepared for such an unexpected reaction, but I felt something to this tender creature.

Not to bore you with all the little details about our first meeting and all these romantic looks and words, I’d like to mention that everything ended with our marriage. Unexpected? Yes, it was for all my friends and relatives. I mentioned that fly in a week trip, but returned with a wife).

When I rethink every little moments of our online communication, I can say that I wanted relations from the very beginning but I was afraid to confess to myself. Only Ira opened my deep inner desires to find somebody and to get married.

So, guys if you want to find your love, you should try every chance and online acquaintance is the best possible variant for all. You don’t need to waste lots of time on useless dates with different girls. Just sign up, find a pretty lady, communicate with her and you will understand is she your type right from your communication. If everything is okay, you may have a real meeting.