Everybody has a chance for happiness!

Everybody has a chance for happiness!

My story was not good at first. We met with Megan on a dating site. It was interesting conversation, but between us there were certain omissions, constant reproaches and a lack of common interests. I don’t even know why we talked. May be, I was in love with her amazing appearance. She fascinated me with her beautiful face, slender figure.

I had many women and I was not married. Each girl was not love for me but a desire to have fun. I also did not have a long relationship - each of my novels lasted no more than a month. It was important for me to have a body and a pleasant time together than any topics or mutual interests. I did not want responsibility and creating a family scared me. I was not ready for the children and did not want to have a girl in my house. My whole life was divided into work and entertainment, so I never thought about own family.

A little later, I thought that I had not yet been on dating sites and opened a profile there. I am an adult man with good looks and high salary. I received dozens of letters a day from the most beautiful girls from around the world. It was a simple flirt without the desire to meet or offer to be together. I just talked and learned the news from the personal lives of girls. They had families, had guys and had a relationship. They also wanted communication.

Megan was among them. She had a husband and a small child. Her family life collapsed because her husband lost his job. Every day she suffered scandals and quarrels. I felt sorry for her, like many other girls with unhappy families. But something was different here. I saw that this girl has many interests and hobbies. She studied dance and won prizes, then she had a group and she sang. After the wedding, a child appeared and she became a housewife. Megan is a man of creativity but she found inspiration in her husband and son. But after the husband lost his job in a bankrupt company, their family began to fall apart. She cannot live and constant quarrels oppressed her. She decided to go to a dating site afterwards that there is an application for the phone and she can communicate in secret from her husband. She was looking for a new relationship because she did not want the little son to be left without male education. But I realized that not all the men with whom she spoke were happy with the child. Our chat was quick because I chatted with other girls as well. She had a different attitude towards me; she said that she chats only with me.

At first I was scared by this affection and her attitude towards me, but later I noticed that every day I look for her letter in the first place. I began to worry about her and asked how her day went. Maybe it was a simple humanity that could become real feelings. But I just worried about her as a friend. We talked for several months and I noticed that I gradually stopped communicating with other girls. Megan was special and I was glad that she became more fun and positive. I was also glad that it was I who caused this.

My changes were very quick. After work, I came home and quickly turned on the laptop. I stopped seeing my friends because our usual conversations began to seem frivolous and stupid to me. I was thinking about inviting Megan to move with her child and I even thought about where I would put the crib. Maybe it was a desire to protect her and give a normal life to her little son. I thought that my decision would be my chance to do something right. I did not write her day 3, I needed time to think. Then I opened the site and saw that she deleted her profile. I still do not know how she is and I hope that she is ok. Sometimes I think that she deleted the page because I was important to her and stopped writing to her. I had a lot of bad thoughts and I think that I could do better.

This conversation helped me rethink my life. Six months have passed since then, but I still can’t forget this girl. I am worried about her future; I hope that she could improve her life. Now I stopped flirting with girls just for fun. I think that my previous position could make the other girl unhappy. I continue to communicate on this site but now I am doing it more seriously.